Loving what we do

Ruth returned to Nicaragua and received a warm welcome back.

All continues very well. Esmerelda is our second student to be doing a work practicum at the local food coop. We are so proud of her and so thankful for the supportive staff at the coop. Esther and Miriam have done a fabulous job training, and preparing Esmerelda in work skills. Her confidence and skills have developed enormously and her family are very pleased.

The youth are learning new recipes and their bonds of friendship are growing every day. We are thrilled that Josée a volunteer from Quebec is joining us for four months.

In the class and physical therapy the children are also making great progress. Tayde has much greater head control and rarely needs her head rest. We gave her a new stander. She outgrew the old one.  The children are enjoying the trike generously donated by Global Mobility. Gerardo is going to school for the first time, thanks to his new wheelchair. We also hear that he is starting to walk independently. With a combination of physical therapy and using the parallel bars, he has made fabulous progress.

We are continuing to repair, exchange and provide wheelchairs.

And Dayana is enjoying practicing skills needed for daily life

We love our work, making a huge impact on the lives of children, youth, and their families. Thanks to all our generous donors for making this possible.